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        Founded in 1981 by Frederick West, the City Cantabile Choir has performed a vast collection of works representing diverse cultures spanning the globe.  From African Masses to the classics of the Western choral cannon and beyond, the City Cantabile Choir strives to reinvigorate and share the ancient voices of these diverse peoples.  They have performed with Dave Brubeck, Eduardo Mendonça, Hamza el Din, Pat Wright, Kent Stevenson and Paco Peña, among other musical luminaries.  The Choir's celebration of Celtic Christmas music during the holidays has been a long-standing tradition in Seattle celebrating the instruments, songs and stories of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

         Every June on the solstice, the City Cantabile Choir, in partnership with People for Puget Sound, The Whale Museum, the American Cetacean Society and Friends of San Juan Islands, celebrates OrcaSing, a concert and celebration of the lives of San Juan resident orca whales, J, K, and L pods.  OrcaSing has been featured on 60 Minutes II (2001), the New York Times, King 5 TV and other media. Through OrcaSing, we seek to bring attention to the environmental degradation, pollution and diminishing food sources that have endangered one of our area’s most recognizable and important creatures – the iconic orca whale.



Sopranos: Miriam Doyle, Mary Wilson, Susan Petcoff, Megan Miller, Pat Clayton

Altos: Jeri Howe, Kristi Larson, Janis Mercker, Anita Lenges, Kate MacDuffie, Deb Hiss

Tenors: Patrick Brownd, Ulrik Wallin, Linda Noble

Basses: Jonathan Howe, Earl Hamilton, Lloyd David, Noel Miller, Allan Chartrand

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